Clinics We Offer


Clinics & Services

We aim to offer a comprehensive range of services that are easily accessible to all of our patients.

All patients with chronic, ongoing medical conditions such as COPD, Asthma, CHD, Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, Epilepsy. Hypothyroidism, Cancer and Mental Health will be invited in for annual reviews to optimise their treatment and care. Every effort is made to provide additional services at the practice to prevent a trip to the hospital.

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Essential Services

We offer general medical services to all of our patients and refer patients to specialist services when required. We care for patients who are terminally ill. We provide medical care and support to patients with a chronic disease. Our nurses run daily surgeries and cover the following:

Dressings, suture removal, injections & vaccinations (childhood, tetanus boosters & travel immunisations, blood pressure checks, blood tests, doppler tests (by referral from your GP), new patient medicals, weight monitoring.


Asthma Checks

The practice nurses carry out Asthma checks. These Clinics assess and monitor Asthma medication and the control of the symptoms. Appointments can be made at our reception. We would like to encourage all patients with Asthma to attend an annual review clinic.

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Minor Surgery

Regular sessions are held for patients referred by their doctor. Dr Galina Atkin runs these sessions with the practice nurse.



Child Health Surveillance

Children under the age of 5 are sent appointments for initial vaccinations and routine checks. The practice nursing team continue to provide childhood and pre school immunisations. 

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Contraceptive Services

Emergency or new contraceptive services are available from all of the doctors. Routine repeat prescriptions are available from our fully trained practice nurses. Remember the service we provide is totally confidential

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Diabetic Clinic

The practice runs clinics to regularly monitor those patients with diabetes. Sometimes diabetics also attend the hospital clinic.


Flu Jabs

Appointments are available in September & October - various weekday appointments and Saturday clinics. Please speak with the receptionists.

We offer this service ordinarily from October to December each year. It is for patients aged 65 and over and for those under 65 who have certain medical conditions. Please ask for further details.


Other Health Checks

Any patient between the ages of 40 and 74 who has not attended a consultation with the practice in the last 3 years can request a general consultation. Patients over 75 who have not participated in a consultation in the last 12 months can also request a consultation. This can take place in the patient’s home if in the reasonable opinion of the practice it would be inappropriate for the patient to attend the practice.

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Well Woman Clinics

For contraceptive advice and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Dr Fiona Grayston and the practice nurses run these clinics. They provide contraceptive and menopausal advice, cervical smears, insertions of coils and coil checks.